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Eneos GP Ultra Enduro 4T 15W50, 1 litru

Eneos GP Ultra Enduro 4T 15W50, 1 litru

Cod produs: EU0145401

Marca: Eneos


Pret: 79.00 Lei

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Eneos GP Ultra Enduro 4T 15W50, 1 litru

Eneos GP4T Ultra Enduro 15W-50, 1 litru

Advanced 4T Racing Engine Oil (Fully Synthetic with Esters)

1. Ultimate performance
The advanced technology oil provided top performance in terms of shift-feeling, Acceleration, Torque Feeling and Throttle Response compared with other racing oils during actual riding tests
2. Ultimate Gear protection
The ENEOS Racing technology ensures uncompromised performance protection in the engine, clutch and gearbox and results in free-flowing, "jerk-free” gear changes and perfect lock up of wet clutch at take-off, acceleration & full speed
3. Maximises acceleration & Power.
The oil has been tested and proven to deliver exceptional acceleration and ultimate power at the touch of the throttle.
4. Engine Cleanliness & Power
The superior formulation exceeds the fuel economy demands of all Motorcycles

 Exceeds JASO-MA and API-SL standards

 4-Stroke Offroad, Enduro, Racing bikes with or without, integrated gearbox and wet or dry clutch lubrication and running at very high temperature and at very high speed (RPM)
 High Power Motorcycles, Sports bikes, speed bikes, Moto-GP, SuperSport, Endurance, uphill / drag races, dirt bikes and MX, ATVs, Mopeds & Power Equipment with or without exhaust gas after treatment systems (catalytic converters, air injection into exhaust pipe etc.).

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